My 'standard' specifications:
Back and sides
Headstock veneer
Soundhole rosette
Strap buttons

Italian spruce
Selected mahogany
Mahogany with adjustable truss rod
Two colour combinations, eg Maple/Rosewood etc.
Indian rosewood
Indian Rosewood, with bone saddle
Chrome plated cast bronze
Gotoh mini smooth tuners
All wood eg Rosewood, Tasmanian Blackwood or Maple
Herringbone and wood inlay
Clear acetate
Satin precatalysed nitrocellulose lacquer
Chrome, one on heel, one at tailpiece

All instruments (except for mandola) are supplied with a hard-shell case included in the price.

All instruments come with strap buttons fitted.

Please remember that nothing is set in stone - if you'd prefer something else, please ask!

My 'standard' instruments use Italian Spruce or Engelmann Spruce for soundboards, though I also have Western Red Cedar in stock. Likewise my 'standard' instruments use Mahogany for back and sides though I always have a selection of other suitable instrument timbers in stock, eg Indian Rosewood, Pacific Rosewood, Walnut, Tasmanian Blackwood, Sycamore, etc. If you have a particular preference, please contact me regarding availability. An additional charge is made for Indian Rosewood. The others are available at the 'standard' price.

My recommended pickups are made by K&K and attach to the soundboard inside the instrument. They use piezo elements, two for 8/10 string instruments, 3 for guitar and are priced accordingly.

These pickups offer an extremely natural sound quality and, in general, may be used without any additional pre-amp.

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